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What's with the flag?

To add a sense of community to the pursuit of our purpose to protect our planet, we’ve added a flag as a symbol of unity. For centuries, flags have been used for many purposes, but mainly to identify and unite groups of people and give them a feeling of belonging.

Why the EarthFlag?

The EarthFlag represents the one thing that connects every-body: planet Earth. Declaring yourself as a citizen of planet Earth and adopting the EarthFlag as a symbol will create a basic, planetary sense of belonging. And when we belong, we protect what we love. So, we’ve partnered with the EarthFlag Foundation, who introduced the EarthFlag, and you’ll find an EarthFlag planted on every unit of nature that you protect.

Wasn't there an EarthFlag already?

Yes, and no. Historically, there have been many proposals for a flag for planet Earth, but so far none has achieved global recognition and adoption. The most recent proposal came from Oskar Pernefeldt who designed the International Flag of Planet Earth, or IFOPE. This inspired us, but we've opted for an EarthFlag with the ancient Seed of Life symbol on it. A symbol that has been present in many cultures around the world for centuries.

Can I just use the EarthFlag? Or is it copyrighted?

Yes, you can use it in any way that you see fit. There are no limitations. And no, it's not copyrighted. All the rights have been granted to the commons in a CC0 dedication by its creators.

Where can I get an EarthFlag?

As far as we know, there's only one online store selling EarthFlags: EarthFlag.Store. They've pioneered 100% hemp flags to reduce microplastics shedding from (recycled) plastic flags. The EarthFlag is the world's first 100% hemp flag. Pretty cool.